Small Brown Bike

Composite, Volume Two 7″

Small Brown Bike - Composite Volume Two 7"The second installment of our Composite 7″ series is on the way! Composite, Volume Two will be available on March 9, 2010 from No Idea – just in time for our shows in Florida. The 7″ features two new songs, “Some Optimistic” / “Never Walk This Alone”, and is limited to 1,100 copies (includes a digital download code). We recorded it in our practice space/home studio (aka Dan’s basement) in January, which probably explains why they feel a little slower and colder than Composite, Volume One. That’s what a winter in Michigan will do to a band.

See you in the sun!

WED MARCH 10 – ORLANDO, FL at The Social (18+ / 9pm) BUY TICKETS »
w/ O Pioneers, Young Brother

THUR MARCH 11 – GAINESVILLE, FL at Common Grounds (18+ / 8pm) BUY TICKETS »
w/ O Pioneers, Cheap Girls, The Measure (SA), Grabass Charlestons

MARCH 12-14, HARVEST OF HOPE FEST, ST. AUGUSTINE, FL at St. Johns County Fairgrounds (all ages) BUY TICKETS »