Small Brown Bike

Back Together

Hi friends,

First off, thanks for the good words over the last month. It’s awesome to know that there are still people out there listening. You all rule.

We just wanted to add some more details about what’s happening. To make a long story short, the original lineup (Mike, Ben, Travis, Dan) is back together and working on new music. Over the last few months we’ve been writing a ton of new stuff and currently have about ten new songs finished plus a bunch more in various stages. We’re all really excited about how it’s going. So far, so good!

The bottom line for us is to have fun, write music, and play a few shows here and there. Just like we did when we started the band. Keep it simple.

So that’s what’s happening. Thanks again for listening. See you at the shows!

Mike, Ben, Travis, and Dan
Small Brown Bike